Enza Fasano’s boutique is now an essential destination for people interested in Grottaglie’s ceramic art. Enza, the daughter of Grottaglie’s most famous and highly esteemed Master of Ceramic Art, Nicola Fasano, was born amidst pottery and has been nourished by it throughout her life, devoloping her own unique and refined taste. Now, along with her husband, Salvatore Santoro, she experiments with shapes, colours and patterns, while remaining true to tradition, so as to create extremely sophisticated pieces aimed at satisfying very demanding customers from all over the world. Enza Fasano’s renovated showroom welcomes customers and visitors with a collection of lights, colours and shapes, inviting everyone to linger amidst the hundreds of artefacts of extraordinary beauty, displayed in the spacious rooms and small niches that make up this splendid shop of earthly tradition.


A stylistic philological work celebrated in every detail raises Enza Fasano pottery to a completely new artistic expression. Charming manor farms and luxury resorts of the most evocative places in Apulia, have chosen Enza Fasano’s unique pieces in order to give a touch of sophistication to their environments. It is precisely the youthful and fresh nature of these creations – the result of a meticulous selection of materials, a balanced design and innovative colours – that makes every piece special.  And since the skills and passions are passed on, Giovanna, Enza’s daughter, continues to design by her own collections with a contemporary style.


Enza Fasano’s Apulia is an emotional journey expressed through carefully handmade and detailed artefacts inspired by tradition yet revisited, keeping faith to the belief that you can always renew and innovate with originality and magic. From the auspicious Pumo, which adorns every household, to the Pupa with mustaches or on horseback – superb and fascinating recollections full of historical charm – the typical symbols of Puglia denote a precise regional identity, and  symbolise the distinctive uniqueness of a particular place; they are the result of years of craftmanship, knowledge and perfection.