The Grottaglie’s ceramic


Grottaglie, Ionian town located a few miles from Taranto, is still an important city in the economic, cultural and artistic production of Puglia. Thanks to the abundance of clay in the territory, for centuries the production of ceramics has been its main income source. A number of ceramic finds, dating back to classic (…)
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The Pumo
This elegant artefact of traditional Grottaglie pottery is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The Pumo has been used in town, from time immemorial, to decorate porches and wrought iron balconies. Nowadays it is a cherished home decoration, which provides an original touch and fits well into both traditional and modern styles.
The Pupa
A reminder of the feudal period comes in the form of the “Pupe con i baffi” (dolls with moustache). In this period the unjust law “ jus primae noctis” aroused the jealousy of a prospective groom, who, in order to evade the shameful and unacceptable imposion of letting his future bride be possessed by whoever happened to be current prince, disguised himself as his bride and appeared before the prince. Unfortunately , he forgot to shave off his moustache and was discovered before anything untoward could happen.He was tried and, as punishment (insulting a prince called for his beheading, he was ardered to give away the best of his wines (he was a vintner) in human shaped flasks that represented his treachery and were later called “Pupe”. Dozens of these flasks were later found in the Prince’s cellars. Today they belong to private collections around the world.Nowadays, the pupe are made with or without the moustache and, also, in the “mounted” version, to remind us of how the groom escaped from the castle on horseback. These peculiar pottery objects are often used as lamp bases.